Strategic Writing That Tells Your Story

MaryLemmaWrites, LLC

Your communication staff – if you have one – is slammed. You have an important story to tell but need a writer to tell it – an experienced PR storyteller who gets why it’s important.

  • A brilliant and compassionate researcher is using novel treatments to conquer deadly diseases.
  • A persistent student has overcome unbelievable hardship on the way to earning a doctorate.
  • A passionate staff member is having an amazing impact on the community.

Whether your goal is to motivate donors,  engage alumni or guide your employees through change, I tell your story to meet your goals.

I also provide:

  • Editing—You’ve developed the content, but will  your audience get the message? From promotional pieces, to technical reports and interactive media, your story should be compelling. I’ve helped clients by editing for clarity, focus, consistency and mechanics (spelling, grammar and usage). I’ve even helped small-business owners fine-tune their pitches for networking events.
  • Proofreading—Spare yourself those “D’oh!” moments that happen to the best of us. Whether it’s a brochure, a technical document, web content or a promotional offer, have a second pair of eyes (mine) read it for typos or other errors.

 Strategy, n. the skill of making or carrying out plans to achieve a goal

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